Martin does EOS title double


Lee Martin has achieved the Euro Offroad Series title double, fourth place in the season finale at the Hudy Racing Arena enough for the Yokomo driver to clinch the 4WD title from previous undefeated 3-time champion Joern Neumann.  Having won the 2WD driver title at the previous round in Austria, Martin becomes only the second driver to clinch both titles with Neumann having achieved the feat in the first two seasons of the indoor 1:10 Offroad Championship.  While all the attention was on the title, the fourth & final round of Season #4 would go to Xray’s Martin Bayer, last year’s title runner up claiming his first win of the season ahead of Top Qualifier Naoto Matsukura and Saturday’s 2WD winner Michal Orlowski.


Missing a round of his 1:8 Offroad National Championship to attend the EOS Finale, Martin said ‘we came to race for the title and we achieved are goal’.  He continued, ‘we didn’t have the pace to win but we got the vital fourth place so everything worked out’.  With the title still open going into the third & final A-Main in Slovakia, the former European Champion would get caught up in an error by Matsukura that dropped him to 5th but said he knew even if Neumann could get up to third, leaving them with the same counting results, it was going to be impossible for him to take the tie break due to slow A2 race time.  He also said he knew if Bayer & Matsukura got out front they wouldn’t be caught adding ‘Michal did a good job staying in front of him (Neumann)’ in third.  Pleased to be the first driver to beat Neumann to the 4WD title he said it was ‘not a bad second season with Yokomo or first season one with Muchmore’.


‘More was not possible’, that was how Neumann summed up his title defeat.  Making the switch from Durango, a team with which he has enjoyed all his EOS success, half way through the series he said changing to a new team was always going to add to the challenge of retaining a fourth title.  Still the championship’s most successful driver in terms of titles and race wins, he said ‘hopefully we can develop our cars and come back stronger next year and take the double’.


Delighted to give Xray a home win again, having won both 2WD & 4WD at the Hudy Racing Arena last season, Bayer said going into A3 he had nothing to lose.  With a 2nd and win the Czech driver said he was already guaranteed 2nd so he went for an aggressive start.  Quickly getting passed second place starter Martin, Bayer immediately was able to run with Matsukura. Just trying to ‘keep the pressure on and see what happens’, the Czech ace got his mistake after just a minute when the Kyosho driver traction rolled.  In front and an attempt by Matsukura to come back at him leading to another mistake, Bayer said he just drove the rest of the race trying to keep his XB4 on four wheels.  Securing third overall in the 2014/15 Championship, Bayer’s third ever EOS win marks the first international offroad win for his electrics sponsor ORCA.


Having looked like a win on his Kyosho debut outing in the EOS was going to be just a formality following his convincing qualifying performance and A1 win, Matsukura said he simply got caught out by traction roll.  Setting the fastest lap of the race as he tried to get back passed Bayer he said a second mistake made that impossible.  Commenting that Bayer’s buggy looked more easy to drive the 21-year-old declared he would be back next season to finish the job.


‘Surprised’, that was Orlowski’s reaction to his podium finish.  Equalling his best previous 4WD result, 3rd in Wels last season, and giving Schumacher their first 4WD podium, the 13-year-old said he got lucky in the finals while others crashed up front but he was happy to take the result.  Claiming his first overall EOS win 24-hours earlier, he said ‘overall it was a super weekend’ but going forward ‘we need to work on our 4WD (car) for high traction’.  In the overall standings Orlowski ends the season fourth.



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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Chassis Focus – Michal Orlowski


Chassis: Schumacher CAT K1 Aero
Motor: Speed Passion 5.5
Batteries: LRP 4700mAh
Radio/Servo: Sanwa

Remarks: Schumacher’s Polish star Michal Orlowski, winner of the 2WD encounter at the EOS season finale, would also claim a podium in the 4WD class with an interesting version of the CAT K1 Aero. Equipped with a forward motor conversion  they buggy also features a prototype aluminum chassis for the high bite conditions. He was also using a front adjustable brake kit that allows for a fine tuning brake bias setup.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Video – 4wd A-main Leg 2

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bayer wins A2 as Matsukura breaks


Martin Bayer was gifted a win in the second A-Main at the EOS finale after Top Qualifier and A1 dominator Naoto Matsukura broke.  On his first full lap of the Hudy Racing Arena track, the Kyosho driver landed on the piping after the double double breaking a rear arm and allowing Bayer to take up a lead he would control to the finish.  Behind him Schumacher’s Michal Orlowski would back up his third in A1 with a second putting the 2WD winner in strong contention for podium finish.  In the championship battle, Lee Martin finished the second encounter 3rd in front of defending champion Joern Neumann, the German having led his British rival for a lap, meaning it is still advantage to the Yokomo driver.


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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Video – 4wd A-main Leg 1

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Matsukura wins A1, Martin heads title fight


Naoto Matsukura took an easy win in the opening A-Main at the Euro Offroad Series season #4 finale. Starting from the TQ positon, the Kyosho driver finished almost 7-seconds clear of second placed Martin Bayer with Michal Orlowski completing the Top 3. While up front the race was rather processional, further back all the attention focused on the title battle between Lee Martin and Joern Neumann, the pair clashing early on.  In the end it was Martin who would be the top finisher in 4th with Neumann finishing 6th behind Martin’s new Yokomo team-mate Marc Rheinard.  Commenting on his race Matsukura had little to say other than he ‘drove safe’ and he needs to ‘do same again once more’ to get the overall win he predicted when he topped seeding practice.


Getting by Martin’s number no.2 starting Yokomo on the second time through the table top with a ‘high risk’ move, Bayer said even at that stage Matsukura was already too far ahead.  Able to match the Japanese driver’s pace he said not matter how hard he tried he couldn’t close the gap and in the end he settled for second.  Declaring he needs to get by Martin quicker, he will also make a tweak to the set-up on his XB4 to try make it ‘a little faster’.


Asked about his race, Martin said ‘(the) car is still not good but Joern took me out’.  He continued ‘luckily it played out for me later in the race but why not wait and give back the position instead of coming up afterwards and saying your sorry’.  Commenting on his P4 he said a Top 3 would have been better as 4th is a result his rival could quite easily achieve in the remaining two legs.


Making no comment about his early contact with Martin, Neumann said his Serpent was difficult to drive and that was why he crashed while leading his title rival later in the race.  The German said having to run a really low ride height on his buggy to stop it traction rolling this makes its a bad on landings but its the best compromise.


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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Matsukura is Top Qualifier at EOS finale


Naoto Matsukura is Top Qualifier at the Euro Offroad Series season finale.  Making his Kyosho debut in the championship, the Japanese star secured his 7th EOS overall TQ when he topped the times for a third time in the fourth & final round of qualifying at the Hudy Racing Arena.  Lining up behind him will be former team-mate Lee Martin, the Yokomo driver’s quest to add to 4WD Championship to the 2WD title he won at the previous round in Austria, looking good with defending champion Joern Neumann starting fifth. Winner when the EOS travelled to the Slovakian event last season, Martin Bayer will start 3rd while yesterday’s 2WD winner Michal Orloswki lines up fourth on the grid for the triple A-Mains.


The only driver to run 13-laps in all four qualifiers, Matsukura declared himself ‘happy’ to be starting from pole position having stated after topping practice that he was out to prove a point this weekend.  Making further changes to his Lazer ZX6 for the final qualifier, he said it now had the best balance of stability and steering and he would leave it unchanged for A1.  Stating he is having to drive the car at only 80% due to the difficultly of the high traction, he said his consistency was key to his TQ pointing out that Bayer had similar pace but just crashed too much. Not fearing a challenge from Martin he said a lot would depend how quickly Bayer could get by the British driver.


While he’s out qualified title rival Neumann,  Martin is taking nothing for granted.  Saying the German’s Serpent ‘is not too bad’ and his own B-Max 4 ‘is also so so’, he continued there ‘could be carnage out there and anything can happen.’  Asked about his plan for the finals he said he would ‘just drive my own race and what happens happens’.


Neumann said considering he broke in 2 of the 4 qualifiers, two counting for the grid, ‘P5 is OK’.  Describing his SRX-4 as ‘difficult to drive’, the 10-times 4WD race winner continued, that for the race ‘ I have nothing to lose so my approach is maximum attack’.  With both drivers tied on points and having identical results from the previous three rounds once they finish 4th or better the driver ahead will clinch the title.


Bayer feels its going to be difficult to race Matsukura for the win starting from 3rd.  The former European Champion said his Xray has the speed but so does the Kyosho driver and he’s very consistent too.  Third in the standings, but not in the title hunt, he said he needed to get a good start to get by Martin as soon as possible.


Taking a hugely popular first EOS win yesterday in 2WD, Michal Orlowski said considering his car was designed for clay he is ‘happy’ with fourth.  A difficult track for his CAT K1 Aero due to its weight distribution, a new car expected for the World Championship which are on astro turf, he said he would just try to run without mistakes and hope those ahead of him trip each other up.


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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Matsukura takes Q2 & 3 at Hudy Arena


Naoto Matsukura took the 2nd and 3rd round of qualifying at the Euro Offroad Series finale at the Hudy Racing Arena.  Having thrown away at TQ run in the opening qualifier when he crashed on his final lap, the Kyosho driver would come back to post two convincing TQ runs leaving the Japanese ace poised to claim the overall TQ in Slovakia.  Behind Matsukura, Q3 would see a repeat of the Q2 Top 3 with Martin Bayer 2nd fastest and Q1 pace setter Lee Martin third.  For defending champion Joern Neumann, the latest two qualifiers would prove challenging.  Suffering a stripped diff gear in Q2, nursing his Serpent home in P12, after rebuilding the diff and fitting all new bearings for Q3.  After just two warm-up laps however one of the bearings would seize leaving the German a non-starter with his hopes a fourth consecutive EOS 4WD title fading and going in the favour of Martin.


Adjusting his camber for Q2, Matsukura said he was a lot more comfortable with his Lazer ZX6 than in the opening qualifier.  The only driver to run 13-laps in the second round, he would go up in his rear shock oil for the penultimate run. While this made the rear of the buggy more stable, the former 2WD Champion said he had less steering and his time was slower, the Top 3 managing 13 lap runs albeit 5-seconds off Matsukura.  For the final qualifier he said his mechanic will try to find a set-up to get him back some of the steering while maintaining the rear stability.


‘Think it was ok’, that was how Bayer summed up his latest two qualifiers.  The lead Xray driver said he is losing time at the start of the run as a result of being over cautious with his opening laps but then is able to pull most of it back as he finds his rhythm. Already looking to the finals and currently third in the ranking he said he hopes he can start ahead of Martin as that way he can take the fight to Matsukura for the win.


‘Difficult’ was Martin’s response.  The Yokomo driver said he is ‘not comfortable enough’ with the car and is ‘holding back so as not to crash’.  Making set-up changes each round he said they are are not taking away the problems.  Set to make more changes for the fourth & final qualifier he is also fitting a fresh rear wing to his B-Max 4 as the original one is ‘pretty beat up’.


Having broke his Xray in the warm-up for Q1, and then started too slowly and had to give way to both Matsukura and Martin in Q2, Miguel Matias said his P4 run in Q3 was ‘pretty consistent’.  Only his third electric race of the year, he declared the result as good for him highlighting that he is getting faster every time he runs.


One of the stars of EOS round 2 in Berlin, Patrick Hofer posted the fifth fastest time.  The Swiss Team Associated driver put his improvement down mostly to better driving but also removing an extra row of pins from his tyres he said this made his B44.3 easier to drive.


AE team-mate Joakim Nicolaisen completed the Top 6.  The 18-year-old, who said 2WD is normally his better class, said freshening up the diff for Q2 seemed to make his B44.3 feel more consistent but added he probably drove it better too.  Also 6th in Q2, he said he would leave his car as is for the last one and ‘see how it goes’.  Changing from a centre diff to a slipper the third qualifier Ryan Cavalieri found the change a big step forward but unfortunately had a DNF as he lost a dog bone.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

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2015/16 Championship Standings after Rd1

4wd Buggy Class
1. Martin Lee - 156pts
2. Wollanka Martin - 153pts
3. Coelho Bruno - 152pts
4. Ronnefalk David - 151pts
5. Rheinard Marc - 150pts
6. Cockerill Tom - 149pts
7. Orlowski Michal - 148pts
8. Neumann Jörn - 147pts
9. Bayer Ales - 146pts
10.Wernimont Carson - 145pts

2wd Buggy Class
1. Martin Lee - 155pts
2. Orlowski Michal - 153pts
3. Wollanka Martin - 152pts
4. Rheinard Marc - 151pts
5. Wernimont Carson - 150pts
6. Coelho Bruno - 150pts
7. Neumann Jörn - 148pts
8. Bayer Martin - 147pts
9. Haatanen Joona - 146pts
10.Nicolaisen Joakim - 145pts

4wd SC Truck Class
1. Neumann Jörn - 156pts
2. Hart Robert - 153pts
3. Pfeifhofer Stefan - 152pts
4. Zambrzycki Bartlomiej - 151pts
5. Kobbevik Daniel - 150pts

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