Rivals seek to deny Xray home EOS win

Rivals seek to deny Xray home EOS win

The Euro Offroad Series takes competitors to Slovakia this weekend (20-22 November) with the Hudy Racing Arena playing host to the second round of Season #5, the venue having hosted the championship’s final & deciding round last season. After a double win at the 2015/16 season opener at the Nurburgring in Germany in September, it is reigning 2 and 4WD Champion Lee Martin who heads the entry but the Yokomo driver is fully expectant of a tough weekend at what is the home track of Xray and their new 4WD World Champion Bruno Coelho. For the past two season Xray’s Martin Bayer, who has been responsible for both the development of the XB2 and XB4, has enjoyed EOS victories at the Hudy Arena, doing the double in Season #3 and winning 4WD last time round.

In terms of its line-up, this season is the strongest Xray has ever looked for its home EOS encounter. The Nurburgring marked Coelho’s first international electric Offroad event with the electric Touring Car ace making an immediate impact by taking the TQ in 2WD, a performance that was a precursor to what was to come in Japan at the World Championships. Also making his Worlds debut in Japan, Bayer would put both is cars in the A-Main on the artificial surface track and at the record entry EOS season opener Martin Wollanka was challenging for his first win, qualifying 3rd and finishing second in 4WD while just missing out on the 2WD podium.

With his Offroad deal with Yokomo commencing at the last season’s finale at the Hudy Arena back in May of this year, Marc Rheinard is the reigning champion manufacturer’s other key charger in Slovakia but both Schumacher and HB come into the event on highs following the World Championships. Michael Orlowski marked himself as no longer a rising star of the sport but one of the establishments as he ran in contention throughout qualifying and the finals at Yatabe Arena. The 14-year-old , who has developed a great rapport with the engineers at Schumacher, made his big break through last season at the Hudy Arena when he claimed his first big international victory in 2WD, ahead of back to back champion Lee Martin, going on since then to become the EFRA 4WD Champion.

The other driver who will be keen to show up Xray at their home track is David Ronnefalk. Still in his first full season with HPI Racing/HB, the Swede had a difficult start to his EOS campaign. With 2WD a character building encounter at the Nurburgring, he did manage to turn things around in 4WD just missing out on the podium behind Coehlo. The two time 1:8 European Champion has since then enjoyed his first World Championship podium finish, putting his D413 into the A-Main in Japan.

One driver who will be hoping for a big step forward in performance this weekend is Joern Neumann. The EOS’ most winning driver, the Serpent driver had a disappointing opening race where rather than vying for the win the biggest challenge facing the German was just making the A-Main. Finishing 5th at the Worlds in 2WD, the 5-time EOS champion needs a good result in Trencin if he is to have a shot at a 6th title, this being his first season not racing as a reigning champion.

The 17th championship event since the creation of the Euro Offroad Series in 2011, two rule changes that are aimed at reducing costs for competitors will come into effect this weekend. The first of these is the limiting to just two sets per class of the Schumacher preglued handout tyres. Following the introduction of new black carpet at the Nurburgring, which will be used at all four rounds, the resulting greatly reduced tyre wear allowed for the much welcome 2 sets limit. The second change applies to the front tyre for 4WD which will now run Schumacher’s Wide Stagger Rib with the rear Minipin remaining unchanged. Also new at the Hudy Racing Arena will be a Mod truck class, allowing drivers from the new for Season #5 Truck class to also run on Sunday as part of the 4WD Buggy schedule.

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EOS announces cost reduction tyre ruling


After a hugely successful opening round to Season #5 of the Euro Offroad Series at the famous full size Nurburgring race track in Germany, the championship is pleased to officially announce two changes in relation to the handout Schumacher tyres.  Coming into effect for Round 2, which takes place at the Hudy Racing Arena in Slovakia next month (20-22 Nov), drivers will be limited to two sets of preglued tyres per class.

The implementation of this cost saving limit has been made possible by the introduction of new carpet for the 2015/16 season.  Used at last season’s finale at the Hudy Racing Arena, the carpet has drastically reduced tyre wear and it will now be used at all rounds with its use at the Nurburgring receiving a huge thumbs up from both hobby and team drivers.  The second change applies to the front tyre for 4WD Buggy which will now run Schumacher’s Wide Stagger Rib (U6812). The rear remains unchanged and will continue to be Schumacher’s Minipin (U6792).  Set to make cars easier to drive, the change which was discussed with racers at the season opener, has been widely welcomed by drivers of all levels including reigning champion Lee Martin.

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EOS schedule confirmed

EOS schedule confirmed

After a successful first visit to the famous full size Nürburgring racing circuit for the opening round of Season #5 of the Euro Offroad Series, the organisers are delighted to confirm the championship will also conclude at an all new venue.  The fahr(T)raum Museum, a homage to Austrian automotive pioneer Ferdinand Porsche, will host the fourth & final round over the weekend of April 29th to May 1st.  Situated in Mattsee, Austria, the town is no stranger to welcoming R/C racers from around the world having twice been a unique venue for a round of the Euro Touring Series.  Great race hosts, the arrival of the EOS ties in perfectly with May 1st celebrations to throw a racer’s party over the race weekend.

Next on the EOS schedule however is Round 2 at the Hudy Racing Arena in Slovakia on November 20-22.  With the world famous rc venue introducing new carpet at last season’s finale, that led to a breakthrough in reduced tyre wear, the event will kick off the introduction of a new tyre ruling that limits drivers to just two sets per event.  With the Hudy Racing Arena the only venue on the 2015/16 calendar that will be familiar to EOS drivers, then it is onto Round 3 which takes place at yet another ETS host venue – Muelheim-Kaerlich, Germany. Welcoming offroad racers for the first time, it takes place over the weekend of January 29-31.

Euro Offroad Series Season #5
2015/16 Race Schedule

Round 1 – Nurburgring, Germany
Date: 18th – 20th Sept 2015

Round 2 – Hudy Racing Arena, Slovakia
Date: 20th – 22nd Nov 2015

Round 3 – Muelheim-Kaerlich, Germany
Date: 29th – 31st Jan 2016

Round 4 – Mattsee, Austria
Date: 29th Apr – 1st May 2016

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Video – 4wd A-main Leg 3

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Martin does EOS double at Nürburgring


Lee Martin completed the perfect start to the defence of his two Euro Offroad Series titles today giving Yokomo’s new YZ-4 a debut victory to back up yesterday’s 2WD win at the Nürburgring season opener.  After a rough opening 4WD A-Main, Xray’s Martin Wollanka taking that win, Martin would convert his TQ starting position into wins in A2 and A3 although both Wollanka and Bruno Coelho would make the British ace work hard in the closing race. The Xray drivers would complete the podium with Wollanka achieving his best finish with second and Coelho capping off an impressive EOS debut with third.


Commenting on only his second 4WD EOS victory which comes just ahead of the 1:10 Offroad World Championships in Japan in 2-weeks time, Martin said while that would be a different race today’s win was nice as it gave them the opportunity to show the potential of the new car against a strong field something that is very hard to gauge through testing.  Describing the car as being able to ‘get around pretty good’, he added ‘we still have a few things to do, you can’t ever stop trying to improve’.  Asked about the deciding 3rd A-Main, he said ‘they were hustling me at the beginning but once they had a few bobbles it gave me enough space to change to a qualifying line’.  Having to drive ‘a bit defensive’ early on he said once he got a gap he was able to run wider qualifying lines lap after lap and control the race.  Describing Season #5 of the EOS as having gotten ‘a lot more competitive’ he is ‘looking forward to the rest of it’ adding ‘it should be fun’.


‘I am happy to get my best result but I am also a little disappointed as I almost had the win’, was Wollanka’s reaction to his strong showing this weekend.  The Austrian added ‘to be genuinely racing against one of the best drivers in the World (Lee Martin) was a good feeling’.  A driver whose main class is 1:8 Offroad, the 1:8 European Championship podium finisher said coming into the event he was still focused on his outdoor racing but for the next round, which takes place at the Hudy Racing Arena, he hopes to have a bit more indoor testing put in.


Commenting on his impressive weekend Coelho said, ‘While I always want more, a podium finish is not so bad for my first EOS race’.  The Portuguese touring car star, who made an instant impression on the championship when he took the overall TQ in 2WD, said he learned a lot from the experience. Adding ‘I need to relax a little my driving because in onroad when you make a mistake you push to make back the time but thats not possible here’.  Complimenting his Xray team for giving him ‘two great cars’, him particularly impressed by the prototype 2WD they got just a day and a half before the race, he said he had the cars to win this weekend but just small mistakes meant it didn’t happen.  On the third 4WD A-Main in which he finished second he said, ‘I overtook Lee but once more I made a mistake’.  Travelling to the World Championships, he said the weekend was ‘good experience and practice for Japan’.


‘I would have signed for that this morning’, that was David Ronnefalk’s reaction to finishing 4th overall.  The HB driver continued ‘considering what we had this morning its a good result’.  Struggling with the high traction and looking like an also ran until the final two qualifiers, the Swede said the new carpet presented a big challenge adding I need to see if I can convince my local club to get some. With the experience of the weekend the 19-year-old feels he will be much stronger for Round 2 in Slovakia in November. Going into A3 in contention for a podium thanks to his exciting P2 in the opening final, the 2-time 1:8 Offroad European Champion said he couldn’t get by Marc Rheinard to run with the top 3, a mistake on lap 7 ending his chances. Behind Ronnefalk, it was Rheinard and his Yokomo team-mate Tom Cockerill who completed the Top 6.




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Video – 4wd A-main Leg 2

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Video – 4wd A-main Leg 1

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Wollanka wins A1


Martin Wollanka has won the opening 4WD A-Main of the Euro Offroad Series at the Nürburgring, the Xray driver benefiting from a second lap clash between Top Qualifier Lee Martin and Bruno Coelho.  Leading for the rest of the race the Austrian would back off over the closing laps but almost went too slow with HB’s David Ronnefalk catching and passing him two corners from home.  However it was Wollanka who came out of the final corner in the dash to the line to win.  Behind them Tom Cockerill, who started 7th would complete the Top 3 with Coelho and Martin coming home 6th and 8th respectively.


Commenting on his win, the Austrian who in the opening qualifier posted his first ever TQ run, said ‘I had luck at the beginning’ continuing ‘I have never had a better car’.  Admitting to think ‘shit here comes Ronnefalk’, he said he maybe drove the last lap too safe but in the end it all worked out.  Looking to A2 he said ‘a lot of people make mistakes, so I will just drive the best I can and see what happens’.


Having not been at the races until the final two qualifiers Ronnefalk said ‘I’m happy to be in the final first of all and considering where I have been at all weekend second is a great result’.  Starting 6th on the grid the Swede said he ‘hoped something would happen up front and it did’.  In contention with second he said when his pursuer Michal Orlowski made a mistake giving him a comfortable gap he set about chasing down Wollanka.  On making the pass on the Xray driver he said he was surprised he pulled it off and then overshot the next corner allowing Wollanka back by. Still he was pleased to have turned up for the races.


Lee Martin said there was little to say about the race other than he was ‘taken out and ended up last with no penalty given’. He added ‘it is a shame that this is allowed happen’ and maybe he needs to drop a banana skin from the back of his car to be able to try to take out the driver behind him before they do it to him again.


Giving his side of the incident Coelho said ‘for me I’m not sure but it felt side by side’.  Waiting on Martin to pass him he said he lost too much time to recover and he hoped for a better A2.


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2015/16 Championship Standings after Rd2

4wd Buggy Class
1. Martin Lee - 308pts
2. Coelho Bruno - 308pts
3. Wollanka Martin - 306pts
4. Ronnefalk David - 300pts
5. Bayer Ales - 297pts
6. Neumann Jörn - 297pts
7. Rheinard Marc - 296pts
8. Orlowski Michal - 292pts
9. Gosvig Mike - 285pts
10.Risser Nico - 284pts

2wd Buggy Class
1. Martin Lee - 311pts
2. Orlowski Michal - 306pts
3. Coelho Bruno - 302pts
4. Wollanka Martin - 301pts
5. Rheinard Marc - 301pts
6. Bayer Martin - 298pts
7. Neumann Jörn - 295pts
8. Haatanen Joona - 294pts
9. Nicolaisen Joakim - 289pts
10.Risser Nico - 279pts

Modified Truck Class
1. Neumann Jörn - 312pts
2. Zambrzycki Bartlomiej - 303pts
3. Kobbevik Daniel - 300pts
4. Ernst Scotty - 291pts
5. Eriksen Per - 289pts

Stock Truck Class (After 1 round)
1. Bujara Tom - 156pts
2. Kobbevik Magne - 153pts
3. Pfeiffer Christopher - 152pts
4. Ernst Scotty - 151pts
5. Beck Eberhard - 150pts

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