November 16, 2018

Chassis Focus – Lee Martin

Chassis: Yokomo YZ-2-CAL2
Motor: Scorpion 5.5T
ESC: Scorpion Vanguard
Batteries: Team Yokomo 3500mAh
Radio/Servo: Sanwa/Xpert
Tires: Schumacher (handout)
Body: JConcepts F2

Remarks – Former EOS champion Lee Martin is running a revised version of the YZ-2-CAL2 that is equipped with a number of pre-production parts. The new chassis is stronger – and therefore reduces flex – in the rear section, while the Truck battery mount system is used to confer more flex to the central part of the buggy. The rear gearbox is also new and features a quick access to the differential that can be now adjusted in height so as to vary the roll centre. The shock towers are lower, and the rear shocks shorter. Lee was also using the front bulkhead from the Yokomo Truck which makes the front part of the chassis stronger.

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November 16, 2018

Orlowski makes hard work of Rd2 TQ

It was more of the same in the second round of qualifying here at EOS Poland, however reigning champion Michal Orlowski had to work hard for the TQ this round having lost a lot of time in a crash at the mid way point while leading. Lee Martin would once again take 2nd for the round, less than one second back, in front of the Team Associated pairing of Joona Haatanen and Neil Cragg in 3rd and 4th, with Swedish Kyosho driver Jessica Palsson completing the top 5. Describing his run, Michal said ‘It started off really good, I looked at my lap times and I had really low 19s, I had a cushion but made a mistake on the wall’. Continuing, ‘I was stuck on the pipe and then after followed Lee around trying to push as hard as possible to put pressure on him and he made a mistake and rolled over before the double so then I just tried to make the gap to go to the lead and it took about 2 laps’. Ending by saying ‘it wasn’t a clean run, it was way tougher than the first one but luckily in the end it was another TQ so looking good so far.’

Yokomo driver Martin led following the incident that saw Orlowski get stuck up on a pipe on the wall ride but still felt the car wasn’t able to match the pace of the young Pole, saying ‘It was pretty much the same as the first one. Michal was a bit faster than me, I didn’t feel comfortable to push it still.’ Commenting on the incident in which he was able to take the lead he said ‘he (Michal) made a mistake coming on the wall, but then I made a mistake, traction rolling coming onto the double in the middle which allowed him back in front.’ While the Schumacher driver was able to pull out a one second lead in the closing laps, the former Champion called the run a ’fair result’.

Winner of the season opener in Germany, Joona Haatanen was finally able to put in a solid run to take 3rd for the round. Describing his 2nd round qualifier as ‘not too bad’, he summed it up by saying ‘a couple of mistakes, one roll and I think I am a bit off the pace, my car is not too good yet so I am looking for more steering but overall not too bad.’

Former World Champion Neil Cragg took 4th for the round but was not happy with his driving describing it as ‘OK, too scrappy, too many crashes, just driving a little too tired, not flowing around the track’. Continuing ’the car’s good, I don’t think its fast enough to win yet, Orlowski and Lee have got a little over us but its mostly down to driving, few too many little crashes’. Ending by saying ‘3 seconds off TQ there and I had to be marshalled. Its not the end of the world but the driver just needs to get his head on.’

Better known for her exploits in 1/8th Offroad, Jessica Pålsson put in a very clean run from the second fastest heat to take 5th for the round having taking 7th in Q1. Asked about her run to 5th, the Kyosho driver said ‘My 2nd round was really good, I’m really happy with the car, the car is new for this year and it has taken some time to find the setup but I am really happy with it now.’ Daniel Kobbevik ended the round as top Xray driver in 6th, having made a big mistake in the closing stages of his run, while Bruno Coelho continued to struggle, making too many small mistakes to end up 7th.

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November 16, 2018

Chassis Focus – Jessica Palsson

Chassis: Kyosho RB7
Motor: Team Orion 5.5T
ESC: Team Orion HMX
Batteries: Team Orion 5500mAh
Radio/Servo: Sanwa
Tires: Schumacher (handout)
Body: Kyosho lightweight

Remarks – Making a welcome return to EOS here in Warsaw, Swedish talent Jessica Palsson is proving strong at the controls of her Kyosho RB7. Hers is a pretty standard example of the Japanese made car, the only options used being carbon shock towers, a few titanium screws and a lightweight body.

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November 16, 2018

Orlowski tops Q1 in Warsaw

The opening round of 2wd qualifying at the 2nd round of the Euro Offroad Series in Warsaw, Poland is complete and it was local superstar Michal Orlowski who emerged quickest by some 5 seconds. The Schumacher driver headed the gaggle of former EOS champions, with Lee Martin in 2nd, Jorn Neumann in 3rd, young Norwegian Daniel Kobbevik in 4th, with Bruno Coelho completing the top 5. Speaking with Orlowski after the run he said ‘It was good, the car felt really good we didn’t change anything from practice. Obviously with new tires so the first couple of laps were edgy but then Lee had a small mistake in the first minute, Bruno crashed, so I just tried not to crash’.

Lee Martin, like 3 of the top 5 drivers had just returned from Australia where he attended the Nitro Offroad Worlds, put his Yokomo 2nd for the round. ‘It was ok, the tire felt like it had more grip, it wasn’t as free as in practice and I don’t know why’ said the British driver, continuing ‘I had one mistake, I could have driven faster but thought I would settle for second’. Feeling there is more in the car and tires he remarked ‘Once the tire beds in it’s better, I can get more speed out of myself as well. We can get there but I didn’t want to push everything in the first run and be like 8th and have pressure on me, 2nd is good to start.’

Jorn Nuemann was pleased with his opening qualifier, the Schumacher driver stating ‘The first round was good, not super fast lap times but consistent’. For the next round of qualifying the German said ‘I think we tune some things and get faster, with 2nd round tires it’s always better’.

Not really featuring in Controlled Practice and unusually far off the pace, Daniel Kobbevik came back in the opening qualifier to end up 4th from the 2nd fastest heat. Finding a fairly major issue with the car the Norwegian described the issue, saying ‘We had the pistons wrong in the car, I had one rear piston on the front and one front piston on the rear so it was a big difference’. Only having time to fix the front of the car before going out to qualify, he said ‘Now the car is better, I still had the wrong pistons in the rear. I hope it will be even better in the next run.’

Having a messy start to qualifying Bruno Coelho described his run saying ‘It was ok, I made many mistakes in the round, I think 3 and all I need a marshall so it takes a long time’. On his car he said ‘the car was working very good from the beginning until the end so I try to not do any mistakes next time’, drivers having all 4 of their qualifiers today, starting Saturday morning with finals before moving onto 4wd.

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November 16, 2018

Track Focus – Warsaw Moto Show

Venue – Ptak Warsaw Expo
Race Hosts – ATA
Country – Poland
Location – Warsaw
Direction – Counter Clockwise
Surface – Carpet
No. of EOS Races hosted – 2

The EOS returns to Poland for round 2 of the 2018/19 series, the country and venue having hosted the season opener last year. The sixth time the country has hosted the EOS, last year it was run as part of the World Travel Show, while this year sees it once again back as part of the Warsaw Moto Show as in 2016. Held at the biggest Exhibition and Congress Centre in Central Europe, Ptak Warsaw Expo, which has a total exhibition space of 143,000 square meters, racing will again take place at the same hall B, but in a different part of the hall. As with the majority of races hosted in Poland, the race track has been designed and built by the local ATA crew, headed by Niko Triandafilidis. As a home race for Warsaw resident and current EOS Champion Michal Orowski, when asked to describe the track the Schumacher driver replied ‘it’s fun, not so difficult’. Really enjoying the central double-single, he followed up by commenting that a lot of time can be made in the five corner front chicane. Asked to pinpoint the track’s most challenging section he said ‘the entire section from the corner table top to the hairpin’, an part of the track that contains 2 angled rollers which lead up to the hairpin before the double single.

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