Matsukura sets 4WD pace at EOS Poznan


Naoto Matsukura made it a good first day for Yokomo at the opening round of the Euro Offroad Series in Poznan, Poland, as he topped 4WD practice with team-mate Lee Martin having set the pace in 2WD earlier in the day.  The Japanese driver, who TQ’d the finale of last season’s EOS, was distinctly quicker than his rival over 3-consecutive laps with Team Xray’s Martin Wollanka 1.4-second off with the second fastest time.  With only 4/10ths of a second covering the next five drivers, defending champion Joern Neumann completed the Top 3 for the two timed practice rounds that will be used to seed the heats for 4WD qualifying which takes place at ‘Hobby’ on Sunday.


After starting out 4WD practice with his B-MAX4 ‘edgy to drive’, Matsukura said for the final practice it was ‘super easy to drive’.  Improving the car through a series of changes including putting the front shocks in a more upright position, changing to softer oil and gluing up the walls of the handout Schumacher tyres, the 4WD Buggy World Championship runner-up said it was now ‘ready for qualifying’.


‘Really good’ was how Wollanka summed up his performance in practice.  A driver better known for his 1:8 Offroad exploits which saw him finish runner-up at this year’s European Championships, he said both he and his XB4 got ‘better & better’ every run.  Making a shock position change, adjusting the roll centre and the anti-roll bar he said based on those improvements he had a few more ideas which he believes will further improve the car for Sunday.  Having only got his preparation for the 1:10 indoor season underway this week with testing at the Hudy Arena, the Austrian said he is still adjusting his driving adding that he is finding the track’s centre single single frustrating.  With the jump either side of a kink, at the drivers briefing it was made clear it must not be taken as double as to do so would be deemed a short cut but Wollanka said he keeps wanting to double it.


Neumann said while his DEX410 was ok on new tyres he needs to find more steering for when he is on used tyres – drivers limited to three sets of tyres for the six rounds of qualifying.  Having made small changes over the five practice runs, the Team Durango ace said he will revert back to his ‘home’ set-up for the first qualifier.  In addition to looking for more overall steering, the undefeated 4WD Champion said he could also improve his line through the centre single single with him lacking consistency through that corner.


Having set the pace in the first of the two timed practice Martin Bayer would end up 4th fastest with that time.  The Xray driver said having changed very little on his XB4 all day, in the final practice he had ‘big trouble’ at the double after the main straight saying it ‘feels like the jump was broken’.  Inspecting the jump in question with race director Scotty Ernst afterwards along with Xray boss Juraj Hudy they couldn’t find anything obvious wrong with the jump but in preparation for racing, tomorrow all about 2WD, they will add a carpet transition to the jump.  Other than having problems at the jump, Bayer said his car feels good over the rest of the lap.


Also having consistency issues with the same jump, Hupo Honigl posted the 5th fastest time. The Team C driver, who topped the first round of practice, said he got slower over the day and he has no idea why.  Not a fan of the track layout this weekend, he said it felt even worse in 4WD due to the inconsistency of the jumps and the flat landings.  For qualifying the Austrian will revert his TM4 set-up back to how it was when he arrived for the event.


Running a worn set of tyres in the first timed practice having not realised open practice was finished, Lee Martin set the sixth fastest time.  With a fresh set of tyres on his Yokomo for the second run he said while it was better he could never manage more than two clean laps without coming across a crashed car.  Feeling his 3-lap pace could have been better he said over 5-minutes he believes he will be fine adding most of his rivals are ‘all in the same ball park’.  Having ran one of Shin Adachi’s cars with the same set-up as Matsukura, he said it drifted too much and drifting was not his style of driving.  On his own car he played around with springs, diffs and a thicker front roll bar with the end set-up improving the car.


‘Not as good as 2WD’ was Carson Wernimont reaction to ending the seeding 7th fastest. The American said his 4WD set-up was a little off with him making ‘quite a few changes every run’.  With it closer now, he said the big problem was the flat landings as his ‘shock package was too springy’. Managing to dampen that down, he said now he needs to ‘motor down for the straight away’ and he will go from a 6 to a 5.5 turn motor for qualifying.


Starting out with ‘no grip’ from his Durango, young Polish star Michal Orlowski ended practice 8th fastest. Changing to a softer rear spring on his DEX410 he said this made the car less loose and improved corner speed. While now less stable he said he will try to drive around this issue in qualifying by airing on the side of caution.


Completing the Top 10 was Team C team-mates Nicolas Risser and Oliver Scholz.  Belgian Champion Risser was very happy with his TM4 in the final practice.  A fan of the track layout, and the switch to Schumacher tyres, the 18-year-old said switching to a stiffer sway bar was the biggest change and improvement he made to the buggy over the day.  Suffering a speedo issue that forced him to fit a new one, he is pleased with were he is at going into qualifying.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Video – 2wd Practice Rd4

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Martin tops 2WD practice at EOS season opener


Lee Martin got the new season of the Euro Offroad Series underway in the best way possible way as he topped 2WD practice in Poznan, Poland.  The Yokomo driver headed a 1-2 for the Japanese manufacturer with defending champion Naoto Matusukura posting the second fastest time over 3-consecutive laps.  Winner of last year’s ‘Hobby’ hosted event Hupo Honigl took his Team C to the third fastest time with an impressive performance from Schumacher’s of US driver Carson Wernimont securing him fourth in the reseeding for tomorrow’s 2WD qualifying.  Having TQ’d here 12-months ago it was a tough practice for Wernimont’s team-mate Tom Cockerill, the English driver only able for 11th fastest.


His first trip to the Polish race, which has kicked off the EOS Championship for the past 3-seasons, Martin described his practice as having gone ‘pretty good’.  After starting off open practice with his own B-MAX2, the British ace switched to a car built by Shin Adachi which he said he could immediately tell had better potential than his own car.  Making a few tweaks to the set-up, the former race winner, his single EOS win coming as a Tamiya driver, said the car now feels good.  With the EOS switching this season to a handout Schumacher tyre, Martin said in 2WD they gave better front to rear balance.  Commenting on the layout of the 158 metre track he said the jumps were not his preference, a feeling echoed by many competitors, as they all have flat landings.  With the rear of his buggy bouncing too much on these landings this is one area after he gets the chance to brainstorm with Adachi that he will try to improve in terms of his set-up for qualifying.


Having changed the rear shock position and played around with adding weight to the front of his B-MAX2, Matsukura was content with his practice.  The newly crowned Touring Car World Champion believes his buggy is good enough for qualifying and he will leave it the same for at least the first of the six rounds.  Asked about the track the Japanese driver, who along with Joern Neumann is the only multiple 2WD race winner, said he likes the layout but along with team-mate Martin said the flat landings make it difficult.


Not a fan of the layout, describing it as having ‘no flow’, Honigl said moving the shock tower to the back of his TM2 V2 it was a lot better.  Admitting that the track layout does not, like previous EOS tracks, favour the layout of his buggy, he said since the set-up change he has just concentrated on driving the track. Describing the car as ‘still ok’ he said it was hard to get the right balance between being punched and being smoooth but overall things looked pretty decent for qualifying.


Having made his first EOS appearance at last season’s EOS finale in Austria, Wernimont was very upbeat about how his practice had gone.  A carpet novice compared to his rivals this weekend, he said his Cougar KF is ‘super easy to drive’ and he has ‘just got to put the laps in’.  Having been in the UK for testing prior to travelling out to Poland, he said the base set-up he ended up with there is working good here with him making little or no changes.  Decribing the layout as ‘fun’ he said it was more technical than what he experienced in Austria and that suits his driving.


A podium finisher here last year, Team Durango’s Michal Orlowski posted the fifth fastest time.  The 13-year-old, started out the day with a lightweight DEX210 with a short battery layout but this proved very nervous to drive.  Switching then to a Durango 4WD with the front transmission removed this would prove squirmy under acceleration.  Making a third car change to a standard ‘heavy’ DEX210 with a long battery he said this was much better for the track. Going up in the front shock oils for the final practice, he said this gave greater stability and better corner speed and he is happy the car is ready for qualifying.


Team-mate to Honigl, Oliver Scholz described his practice as having gone ‘fine’.  The German said his TM2 V2 didn’t start off very well but after standing up the front shocks, together with adding rear toe-in and toe-out to the front, he was ‘happy now’.  Another driver not a fan of the flat jump landings he said the track is more high speed than he likes.


Posting the 7th fastest time, like Orlowski, Neumann switched between his regular 2WD Durango and the adapted 4WD chassis.  Happy with the car in the morning’s open practice he then switched to the 2WD DEX410 which he described as being ‘not so good’. Reverting back to his DEX210 for the final practice he would get only 3-laps with it before breaking it.  He said for the few laps he did it felt ‘OK but pushing a little’.  Looking to find more steering, the German plans on making a setting change ahead of Q1.


The only driver to beat Neumann last season in both 2WD and 4WD, Martin Bayer set the 8th fastest time ahead of Xray team-mate Martin Wollanka. With the full Xray team putting in a number of late nights of practice at the Hudy Arena in the lead up to Round 1 of the EOS, Bayer described his early pace as being ‘pretty ok’.  Running a prototype chassis, the Czech driver said he is having to ‘wait too long’ for the buggy to turn into the corners on a track he described as ‘tight’.  Set to change his set-up he said finding steering would make the car a lot easier to drive.  Behind the two Xray’s Belgium’s Nicolas Risser, who was a double A-finalists at this race last year, completed the Top 10 seeding with his Team C buggy.

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Track Focus – ‘Hobby’ Show Poznan


Host – ATA
Country – Poland
Location – Poznan
Track type – Temporary
Surface – Carpet/Wood Jumps
Direction – Bi-Directional
Previous key events hosted – EOS/ETS

Season #4 of the Euro Offroad Series kicks off in Poznan, Poland at the city’s Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie exhibition centre.   Taking place as part of Poland’s largest hobby exhibition, this is the third time ‘Hobby’ has played host to the opening round of the EOS and for the third year running the track has also be relocated to a new hall.  This year Hall 6 houses the 19 x 34 metre track, the same hall having hosted a round of the Euro Touring Series during the Poznan Motorshow in 2012.  Built using the Polish made AzetX track system, the carpet track features an anti-clock wise back straight with a crossover making the section in front of the drivers stand run in a clockwise direction.   Also featuring a wall section, a good 2WD lap time for the 158 metre long track is 21-seconds with race director Scotty Ernst describing the layout as challenging due to the surface change of all the jumps which are wood.

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EOS #4 kicks off at Poland’s largest hobby exhibition

EOS #4 kicks off at Poland’s largest hobby exhibition

Season #4 of the Euro Offroad Series kicks off this weekend (24-26 October) at Poland’s largest hobby exhibition with the 1:10 Offroad championship’s international entry set once again to showcase r/c racing in front of over 40,000 show goers. The third year running that the EOS season will commence in the city of Poznan as part of ‘Hobby’, it will be the first time that the entry for the championship’s buggy classes will be headed by separate drivers. Chasing a fourth consecutive title, Joern Nuemann heads the 4WD Buggy entry while his 2WD Buggy Championship nemesis Naoto Matsukura makes the trip from Japan for the first time to one of Poland’s oldest cities.

The most winning driver of the EOS, this weekend marking the 12th race since the establishment of the championship in 2012, Neumann faces his toughest start to a season yet with Round 1 attracting a heavily loaded entry. Racing alongside 13-year-old Durango team-mate Michal Orlowski, the national star claiming the first of two 2013/14 podium finishes at his home race, Neumann’s biggest challenge will come from outside the Durango squad with Xray, Yokomo, Schumacher and Team C all upping their campaign’s for Season #4.

With an impressive record of 10 wins from 11 races in 4WD Buggy, Neumann’s biggest challenger in that class is set to again come from Xray and Martin Bayer. The Czech driver became the first & so far only driver to deny the German a victory, forcing the championship decider to go to the final race. Bayer, who also managed Xray’s first 2WD win last season, will be joined this year by 1:8 European Championship Runner-up Martin Wollanka. The Austrian only did the final 2 rounds last year but showed good speed with a number of A-Main appearances.

The first time Neumann wont start out as the defending champion of 2WD Buggy, it is offroad’s original class that has the greatest number of potential winners. Last year ever round produced a different winner with Hupo Honigl winning the season opener before switching to Team C and coming very close to a debut win with his new team at Round 2. Newly crowned Touring Car World Champion Matsukura would take that win enroute to securing Yokomo’s first EOS title and the Japanese manufacturer for whom he also 4WD Top Qualifier at the season finale is back in force. After a development year with his new Yokomo team, Lee Martin starts his first full EOS campaign as a serious title threat and both drivers will have the support of designer Shin Adachi, the accomplished Japanese driver also on the Poznan entry list.

Securing his first EOS TQ at the event last year in 2WD, this time round Schumacher’s Tom Cockerill will have the benefit of a quick team-mate. Driving on a carpet surface track for the first time at the Season #3 finale in Austria, emerging US talent & 1:8 Offroad World Championship podium finisher Carson Wernimont makes a very welcomed return and is sure to be a big asset to the British manufacturer’s expanded squad. With Horizon Hobby, Xray, Kyosho & Team Durango being joined by Serpent, Yokomo and Schumacher as primary sponsors of this year’s EOS, a big change for the 2014/15 season is the change to Schumacher’s Mini Pin tyre, a tyre widely acknowledged by racers across Europe as being superior for indoor offroad competition use. A three day event, Friday will be made up of practice from all class with Saturday set to decide the 2WD Round 1 winner before switching to 4WD for Sunday’s race action.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Xray Primary Sponsor of EOS

Xray Primary Sponsor of EOS

Xray are excited to announce that they will partner with Uwe Rheinard & Scotty Ernst as a primary sponsor of the European Offroad Series (EOS) for the 2014/2015 season. The Xray factory team consisting of Juraj Hudy, Martin Bayer, Martin Wollanka, Miguel Matias, Mike Gosvig, Lorenzo Crolla & their young talent Malin Karlsen will be available during the entire season at all the races to provide technical and set-up support. As with previous years the spare parts availability and service will be arranged at every event by the national distributor so look out for the Xray service centre loaded with all spare parts under the Xray tent, which is also where Xray drivers can collect their free promo package at each race.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Schumacher to provide traction for EOS Season #4

Schumacher to provide traction for EOS Season #4

Schumacher is to provide traction for the new season of the Euro Offroad Series with the announcement that the British company’s famed Minipin tyre has been selected as the controlled rubber for the high profile championship.  A tyre widely acknowledged by racers across Europe as being superior for indoor offroad competition use, the deal is set to prove very popular with racers with most already having extensive knowledge of how their cars run on the tyre.

Keen supporters of the EOS for past two seasons, sending factory driver Tom Cockerill to races and new US signing Carson Wernimont to the 2013/14 seasonal finale, Schumacher will also become a primary sponsor of the upcoming season.  Primary sponsors last season, EOS race winners Team Xray have also been confirmed as continuing to sponsor the series with both Yokomo, the reigning 2WD Buggy Champions and Serpent upgrading from Associate to Primary sponsors for the 2014/15 championship.

Round 1 of the EOS will again kick off in Poznan, Poland, with racers getting the chance to race in front of the 40,000 people who attend Hobby – Poland’s largest hobby exhibition.  Taking place from October 24-26, registration for this popular event is open via the MyRCM ( website.

Tyre information -

2WD Buggy
Rear – Schumacher Minipin yellow U6608 + Schumacher inserts U 6734
Front – Schumacher low profile cut Stagger yellow U6770

4WD Buggy:
Rear – Schumacher Minipin yellow U6608 + Schumacher inserts U 6734
Front – Schumacher Minipin yellow U6607 + Schumacher inserts U 6746

Short Course 4WD
Schumacher SC U6767 front + rear with Schumacher inserts U6784

Friday, September 26, 2014

Video – 4wd Buggy A-main Leg 3

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Primary Sponsors
Associate Sponsors
EOS 2012/13 Sponsors
Series Partners
EOS 2012/13 Sponsors

2014/15 Championship Standings after Rd1

4wd Buggy Class
1. Matsukura Naoto - 156pts
2. Neumann Jörn - 153pts
3. Wernimont Carson - 152pts
4. Bayer Martin - 151pts
5. Martin Lee - 150pts
6. Wollanka Martin - 149pts
7. Hovgaard Frederik - 148pts
8. Hönigl Hupo - 147pts
9. Orlowski Michal - 146pts
10.Risser Nicolas - 145pts

2wd Buggy Class
1. Matsukura Naoto - 155pts
2. Neumann Jörn - 153pts
3. Martin Lee - 152pts
4. Wernimont Carson - 152pts
5. Orlowski Michal - 150pts
6. Cockerill Tom - 149pts
7. Hönigl Hupo - 148pts
8. Rasmussen Jesper - 147pts
9. Scholz Oliver - 146pts
10.Haatanen Joona - 145pts

4wd SC Truck Class
1. Neumann Jörn - 156pts
2. Novotny Kaja - 153pts
3. Zambrzycki Bartlomiej - 152pts
4. Rudig Sven - 151pts
5. Fedorenko Vladimir - 150pts

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