January 30, 2016

Pit Focus – Lee Martin


Team: Yokomo
Neighbours: Marc Rheinard (left), Shin Adachi (Front)
Charger: Muchmore “Double Accel”
Tools: MIP/Yokomo
Setup Tools: Stickit1 Setup Board, LMR Ride Height Gauge
Car Stand: Muchmore
Lipo Bag: MR33
Transport Bag: OGIO
Features: Bee Pollen and Ginkgo Plus tablets, iPhone 6, Pro-Line Trucker Hat

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January 30, 2016

Rheinard takes easy A1 win


Marc Rheinard took an easy win in the opening 2WD A-Main at the Euro Offroad Seres in Germany. Having claimed his first TQ of the championships earlier in the morning, the Yokomo driver would take a tone to tone win over team-mate Lee Martin, a brushing with the piping on the first lap the German’s only blemish in an otherwise perfect race.  Behind the two Yokomo’s, Schumacher’s Michal Orlowski would benefit from crashes by Hupo Honigl and Neil Cragg to complete the Top 3 from fifth on the grid.


Commenting on his win, Rheinard said, ‘Lee had a rough lap at the beginning that let me pull out a gap.  After that I could drive a controlled the race’.  While Martin would make a late charge getting to within 9/10th by the finish, the 4-time onroad World Champion said ‘Lee was getting close at the end as he was pushing but he never got close even for me to need to take any risks so all was OK.’  Asked about his early moment he said, referring to the roller after the main straight, ‘that jump is scary. Its not straight so it tricky but I survived’.


Getting his RC Concept powered YZ-2 on two wheels on the second lap, Martin said he couldn’t do anything about his team-mate after that.  The British ace said ‘our cars are so evenly matched you can’t make back the time and we were just turning laps together’ his best lap a 19.234 compared to Rheinard’s 19.289.  With the jump that almost caught out Rheinard at the start, and which he himself had trouble with in qualifying, was the only place he said it was possible to make any time but even taking that risk ‘it still wasn’t enough’.


‘A good first final’ was how Orlowski summed up his 3rd place finish.  Starting behind Honigl, he said he knew he needed to get by the Austrian early if he was to stick with the leaders.  This was made all the easier when on lap 2 Honigl crashed on the corner table table.  Now chasing Cragg a mistake by the former World Champion on the next lap would promote the European Champion to 3rd. Next lap around however Orloski would made a mistake himself and while he didn’t lose position he said the time lost ended any chance of challenging Martin and he drove the rest of the race safe to maintain his third.


Behind Orlowski, 12-year-old Joona Haatanen would have a great race.  Starting 10th on the grid, Team Associated’s rising star would go on to finish 4th ahead of Honigl and Round 2 podium finisher Martin Wollanka.  For Haatanen’s senior team-mate Cragg it was a rough first EOS final as he finished 9th after starting 3rd.  Having motored up to a 6.5T motor, the former World Champion said the extra power made his B5M too aggressive in areas with the car also struggling for brakes.  Making front end set-up changes, he said that also didn’t work out and he will go back to his final qualifying set-up for A2.


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January 30, 2016

Rheinard claims first EOS TQ in Germany


Marc Rheinard has claimed his first Euro Offroad Series TQ, the Yokomo driver taking the final 2WD qualifier at Round 3 in Germany to become the third different pole sitter of Season #5.  Going into Q4 as the only driver capable of denying team-mate & reigning champion Lee Martin the overall TQ,  Rheinard’s quest was made easier following an early mistake by the overnight TQ holder.  Seeing off an early challenge from Neil Cragg, Rheinard would go on to set a new fastest TQ time by a 2.3-second margin over Cragg with former champion Joern Neumann completing the Top 3 for the round.  Ending the final qualifier 9th, Martin, who having topped Q1 & 3 lost out on the faster time tie breaker, will start 2nd a position which if he can maintain over the finals will see him successful defend his 2WD EOS title with one race remaining.


Becoming only the 8th different 2WD Top Qualifier over the 5 seasons of EOS, Rheinard was pleased to claim his first EOS pole position joking ’28 to 1′. Having endured a day of slagging yesterday over his embarrassing performance at the Reedy Race of Champions when he finished 28th out the 30 invite drivers, the touring car star added ‘I have redeemed my offroad career’. On his Q4 TQ, he said, ‘I have a near miss on the first lap when I got up on two wheels on the landing of the big jump but after that it was a good run. When Lee crashed I just had to keep Neil behind me with him close at the start after my slow first lap but I could seee the gap and could control things’.  Looking to the final, the former 4WD Offroad European Champion said ‘I will just try to keep it clean. I don’t want to mess up and hand Neil the win’.


Commenting on his error which came just after the minute and a half mark, Martin said, ‘I messed up at the same place my car is a bit shitty’. Getting the roller at the end of the straight wrong his YZ-2 bounced off the piping and needing to be marshalled he lost an unrecoverable 5-seconds.  Chasing a third consecutive win this weekend having won at the Nurburgring and the Hudy Arena, the British ace said starting behind his team-mate the plan for the finals is to ‘just drive in a line til something happens’.  One win away from sharing the honour of being the championship’s most winning 2WD driver with Joern Nuemann, he added ‘If we can gap the rest of the field then I can make an attack on Marc for the win’.


Lining up third for his EOS race debut, Cragg described his P2 run in the final qualifier as ‘pretty good’. While he didn’t have any errors over the qualifier he did have ‘two scrappy laps’.  Changing to a Pro-Line front wing on his B5M, the factory Team Associated driver said this was an improvement with ‘the car 99% there’.  Asked if he planned any changes to find the missing 1%, he replied ‘Craig (Drescher) has been telling me the car is not fast enough but I think its fine but as we are lacking a little time at the end we are going to motor up to a 6.5 for the finals’.  In terms of the racing he said ‘third is pretty much where I have been throughout but we’ll see what happens in the final’.


Securing his first 2WD A-Main appearance since Round 3 of the championship last year in Wels, Austria, just scraping in on that occasion with a 10th, Hupo Honigl’s Xray debut sees him line up an impressive 4th.  The Austrian summed up his return to form with ‘It feels good again’.  Still finding his way with his new team & cars, the former 2WD race winner said, ‘the 3 guys ahead are a little faster but we’ll see what happens’.  Two places behind, team-mate and Nurburgring Top Qualifier Bruno Coelho will start sixth with compatriot Martin Wollanka also putting his XB2 in the final with ninth on the grid.


Completing the top half of the grip, the final qualifier again containing ‘too many mistakes’, Michal Orlowski is targeting a podium finish.  Having been Martin’s main challenger in the opening two races of the season, the Schumacher driver has struggled with his driving this weekend.  Second in the standings coming into the weekend, the 14-year-old said he has the speed to run at the front as his KF2 is ‘very good’ but with ‘everyone on the same pace’ he expects it will be difficult to pass in the final so his plan is to stay with the lead group and wait for mistakes.  Elsewhere Neumann will take up his best starting position of the season with his Serpent lining up 7th ahead of American Carson Wernimont with Reedy Race Open Champion Joona Haatanen completing the grid in Muelheim-Kaerlich.


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January 30, 2016

Chassis Focus – Hupo Honigl


Chassis: Xray XB2 Carpet Edition
Motor: Tekin Gen3 6.5T
ESC: Tekin RSX
Batteries: Dual Sky 4600 mah
Radio/Servo: Futaba
Remarks – Making his EOS debut with a new car and new electrics, Hupo Honigl managed to get the fourth spot on the grid in 2wd driving a pretty basic version of the Xray XB2 Carpet Edition. The only options used by the Austrian are graphite suspension arms, a brass bulkhead and rear aluminium hubs.

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January 30, 2016

Chassis Focus – Michal Orlowski


Chassis: Schumacher Cougar KF2 Special Edition
Motor: LRP X20 6.5T
Batteries: LRP 4500mAh
Radio/Servo: Sanwa
Remarks – Polish talent Michal Orlowski is running a “Special Edition” version of the British made 2WD buggy. With the car allowing for four different configurations, he is using it in the “low grip” conversion, and is using an optional rear shock mount that mounts the shocks at the rear of the car.

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January 29, 2016

Martin holds overnight TQ at EOS


Lee Martin holds the overnight TQ at Round 3 of the Euro Offroad Series in Germany after posting a second TQ run in the third & penultimate round of qualifying.  The Yokomo driver can now only be denied from becoming 2WD Top Qualifier for a second time this season by team-mate Marc Rheinard.  Having taken the second qualifier in Muelheim-Kaerlich, Rheinard had a bad Q3 after opening his run with mistakes on the first two laps ending up 8th.  Behind Martin it was season opening Nurburgring Top Qualifier Bruno Coelho who would be second fastest with a rejuvenated Hupo Honigl third.  Having started the run on TQ pace, Neil Cragg would end up fourth after losing three & a half seconds when he rolled his Associated on the fifth lap.


Describing his YZ-2 as ‘really good’, while Martin was happy to add a second TQ he was frustrated at losing out on the doing so in the fastest time.  On the penultimate lap the British ace, in an attempt to avoid a crashed car, ended up hitting a marshal’s foot resulting in the loss of almost 2-seconds with his time ending up being 1.4 off Rheinard’s Q2 topping pace.  A 5-time 2WD race winner, Martin said losing out on the time ‘could be shit tomorrow’.  With the advantage of the fastest time, a TQ run tomorrow irrespective of his time would give Rheinard his first overall EOS TQ.  Rheinard said while he had a bad Q3, the important thing was that Cragg didn’t TQ the round meaning Yokomo is guaranteed pole for the Final.  Feeling he is still adapting to the feel of running the soon to be released 3-gear transmission in his car, Martin said you can push it harder and drive it more on the throttle with his 19.3 fastest lap set in Q3 proof he is getting more from the pending YZ-2 CA edition kit release – CA standing for Carpet Astro.


Completely changing the set-up on his XB2, Coelho said this led to a very big improvement in the car.  Easy to drive in the previous qualifier, he said while more difficult to drive after the changes it was now ‘quite fast’ so overall ‘much better’.  Having to run a safe Q2 after ending up 19th in the opening qualifier, the Portuguese driver said even with one mistake he could now finish second with him feeling confident that tomorrow’s final qualifier can help him greatly improve his grid position.


‘A very good day’ was Honigl’s reaction to his third qualifier, the Austrian running in the second fastest heat.  Describing Q3 as a ‘super clean run’ he said racing was now ‘so much more fun than before’ with his confidence growing with every run he puts on his new Xray.  Changing his set-up ‘quite a bit’ and liking the improvement he also ran new tyres which he said are traditionally better on their second run which he said should give him the chance of a very strong final qualifier.


‘One big crash again’, that was Cragg’s reaction to Q3.  The English driver said ‘it was pretty close at the start but then I picked a bad place to crash.  I took the corner too tight and hit the dot which rolled me over’.  Needing to be marshalled the English driver, who is having his first EOS outing this weekend, said at least the 4th puts him in the A-Main.  Very happy with the performance of his 3-gear transmission fitted B5M, he said the aim for the final qualifier is to ‘try for 3rd on the grid and go from there’.


Coming into Round 3 of the EOS having finished second to Martin in the opening two rounds, Q3 would see Michal Orlowski lay down his best run with a P5.  The 14-year-old Schumacher driver, who last week raced at the Reedy Race of Champions, said it had been a frustrating day. Struggling with jet-lag, he said he had a car capable of the TQ each round but made mistakes due to being over tired.  Happy to at least end the day with a 5th he said hopefully with a good night’s sleep he can get a Top 3 in the final qualifier and put himself high enough up the grid to be able to fight for the win. Behind the Polish driver, Martin Wollanka completed the Top 6.  Running in the same heat as former team-mate Honigl, Serpent’s Joern Nuemann was looking on target for a potential Top 3 time until he suffered a battery failure over the final laps, the battery swelling up inside in the car leaving him with a P7.

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January 29, 2016

Rheinard takes 2nd qualifier


Marc Rheinard took the second round of 2WD qualifying at the EOS in Germany, the Yokomo driver reversing the order of Q1 to beat team-mate Lee Martin.  Having set the pace early on with Rheinard in pursuit, a minute & half in Martin would get the track centre jump wrong with his YZ-2 making contact with a cone which is in place to prevent corner cuts.  While he would not require marshalling, the reigning champion would have to u-turn his car allowing Rheinard to run right on his rear wing.  Trying to pull clear of the touring car ace, his efforts were cancelled out with small errors.  Then, with 2 laps to go Martin would at the track feature jump make contact with a car upside down on the landing delaying him further and knocking off his front wing.  Rheinard would TQ by almost 2-seconds with Team Associated Neil Cragg completing the Top 3 just 6/10ths back on Martin.


‘I was just consistent’ was how Rheinard summed up his TQ run.  Having crashed himself in Q1, he said when he was on Martin’s rear wing he could see he was pushing hard to break away but he knew such driving carried risks and if he kept his own driving clean he could beat him to the TQ.  Martin joked, ‘he (Marc) was so bad at the Reedy Race I had to save his career by letting him win’.  Chasing a win that would secure him his second consecutive EOS title, he said ‘I hit the cone and had to turn around and that was enough to lose it’.  Having to finish out the qualifier with no front wing after contact with another car on the big jump,  his he said his car ‘felt like an F1 car without a wing – it was very strange to drive’.  Having thrown away a Top 3 run in Q1, Cragg said he went for ‘clean run’.  Not sure how close he was to the Top 2 he said after his Q1 error on the last lap he backed it down a little towards the end only to discover afterwards he was very close to snatching second from Martin.

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