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Coelho wins in Slovakia to share EOS lead with Martin


World Champion Bruno Coelho kept Xray’s unbeaten record at the Hudy Arena intact by claiming his first Euro Offroad Series victory today with a dominant and important win in A3.  Going into the closing race of the Slovakian event, three drivers stood a chance of the Round 2 victory with Coelho needing to do the most to deny A1 winner Martin Wollanka and A2 winner Lee Martin the win.  Top Qualifier for his team’s home event, the Portuguese ace would put in a stunning drive to not just win the leg but set the all important fastest race time. Running 14 laps over the 5-minutes, the only driver to do so over the 3 legs, this would give him the tie break, all three drivers ending up on the same points with a win and 2nd each. While Martin would finish second to Coelho in the deciding race, Wollanka’s A2 winning time would secure the Austrian second with third meaning both the reigning champion and Coelho are now tied at the top of the points standings.


‘There was no time for prisoners, I didn’t care about the guys behind.  I just pushed as I had to win in the fastest time’, was how Coelho summed up his faultless A3 performance.  Adding more toe out to his LRP powered XB4, this gave him more steering and describing the car as ‘brilliant’ he said he was ‘full throttle from the beginning to the end’.  Having not raced 1:10 Offroad since the World Championships in Japan at the start of October, the 22-year-old said this was a mistake as his ‘driving was not good’ this weekend and he wouldn’t make the same mistake again.  Planning to do a lot of testing between now and Round 3 of the championship in January in Germany, the professional driver having a busy schedule that includes racing all of Xray’s products, he said today’s result means the EOS title is game on.


Wollanka was understandably a little disappointed with second, a result he also achieved at the opening round at the Nurburgring in September.  Reflecting on the three finals he said the start of A2 when contact dropped him to the back of the field, from which he recovered to finish second, cost him the chance of claiming his first overall EOS victory.  A driver with a 1:8 Offroad background, he has been a serious contender from the start of EOS Season #5 but feels he is ‘still learning’.  In A3 he said contact on the second lap with Martin’s Yokomo, which sent his XB4 tumbling, lost him any chance of the challenge for a second win of the day.  Setting the fastest lap of the final he would recover from 5th to finish 3rd 2-seconds back from Martin, Coelho’s 14th lap being a victory lap.


‘I don’t think people expected us to be so close given its Xray’s home track, we just missed out on the TQ and were not to far from winning’ was Martin’s summary of 4WD.  Winner of 2WD yesterday, extending his lead in the standings, the Brit said without his mistake in Leg 1 it could have been an different outcome. He said third ‘keeps (them) in the hunt (for the title)’ and ‘it could be a counting round but hopefully not’.  While they ‘battled hard’ with Xray he said they need to work a little harder in certain areas but he is confident for Round 3 they will comeback even stronger.  Asked about A3, he said he lost a bit of time to Coelho at the start which he could make back adding he thinks his tyres were too far gone for him to challenge for the leg win.  Behind Martin, Ales Bayer would claim his best EOS finish ahead of former Champion Joern Neumann.  From last on the grid David Ronnefalk completed the Top 6 ahead of last season’s Hudy Arena winner Martin Bayer.



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Chassis Focus – Tom Bujara


Chassis: TeamC TM2 V2T
Motor: Absima 8.5T
ESC: Absima
Batteries: Absima
Radio/Servo: Futaba/Absima
Remarks – Winning the Stock encounter in the newly introduced Stadium Truck class, German driver Tom Bujara ran an interesting truck here at the Hudy Arena. The car is derived from the 2WD buggy, and sports a 16mm longer homemade chassis, together with handmade shock towers and front swaybar system.

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Video – 4wd A-main Leg 2

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Martin wins A2 from Wollanka


Reigning Euro Offroad Series 4WD Champion Lee Martin has won A2 setting the stage for a three way shot out for the overall win at the second round of the championships in Slovakia.  A chaotic start and then a mistake by the Top Qualifier at the first double would give Martn’s Yokomo the lead on the first lap followed by the fourth place starting Xray of Martin Bayer.  Pursued by Bayer, Martin who be handed a huge advantage half way into the encounter when the two time winner of the event, who was coming under pressure from his recovering team-mate and A1 winner Martin Wollanka, crashed at the start/ finish line. Setting the fastest lap of the race Wollanka set about chasing down Martin but yesterday’s 2WD winner would hold on for the win with Ales Bayer completing the Top 3 ahead of older brother Martin.  Dropping to last in the race World Champion Coelho would only manage to recover to finish 6th but thanks to his second in A2 he goes into the closing race of the Hudy Arena hosted event in with a chance of his first overall EOS win against Wollanka and Martin.


‘Everyone crashed and left me with Bayer to lead the way but then he crashed too’.  Playing safe for the win due to large gap he had over the field he said in hindsight he should have pushed harder as its advantage Wollanka as the Austrian has the faster winning time.  With a win needed to make it four wins from four for Season #5 of the EOS, the British ace said ‘I know what I have got to do and I’ll try do it’.


Wollanka who won the opening final with a risky but spectacular pass on Coelho, found himself pushed out at the first corner dropping him down the field.  With ‘many mistakes by other drivers’, he said this helped his recovery but trying his best to catch Martin once he got by Bayer and setting his fastest lap on lap 11 of 13 he said he ran out of time.  Within striking distance of his first EOS event win, he said for A3 he would just see what happens, the pressure being on Martin and Coelho as they must win with the latter needing to do so in a quicker time than his A1 win.


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Video – 4WD A-main Leg 1

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Wollanka jumps over Coelho to win A1


Martin Wollanka won the opening A-Main of 4WD at the Euro Offroad Series in Slovakia by jumping over his Xray team-mate & Top Qualifier Bruno Coelho.  With a mistake on the opening lap putting out reigning champion Lee Martin, the Yokomo driver starting second between the two Xrays, up front it was a clear track for Coelho, Wollanka and Martin Bayer to battle for the win.  A mistake by Bayer on lap 3 would end his challenge with Wollanka all over Coelho’s rear end.  As the race reached half way distance Wollanka would throw caution to the wind and go long over the centre double section over jumping the World Champion with a huge cheer coming from onlookers. Having to brake to avoid the Austrian landing on top of him, Coelho would try to take the lead back over the next few laps but the pair would make contact with Coelho coming off worse with Wollanka, as he did at the season opener at the Nurburgring, holding on for the A1 win. Getting a talking to afterwards from Xray boss Juraj Hudy, Wollanka describing his pass as ‘dangerous’ adding he wouldn’t take such a risk again in A2.  Coelho called the pass ‘crazy’ saying if he hadn’t braked the move would most likely have eliminated both cars.  Behind them Joern Neumann would benefit from Martin and Bayer’s errors to finish a distant 3rd, almost 5-seconds back with last place qualifier David Ronnefalk getting his HB up to 4th.


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Coelho gives Xray home TQ at EOS Slovakia


Bruno Coelho has claimed Xray a home TQ at Round 2 of the Euro Offroad Series in Slovakia, a faster time in the fourth & final round of 4WD qualifying giving the World Champion the tie breaker over reigning EOS Champion Lee Martin.  With Martin’s Yokomo having topped Q1 and 3, the pressure was on Q2 pace setter Coelho to deliver the fastest qualifying time of the event and he did albeit just by 3/10ths of a second better than Martin’s Q3 time.  The final qualifier would be ‘not (the) most successful qualifier’ for Martin as an error at the corner table top would cause his bodyshell to get stuck in the spur gear requiring him to stop to have it fixed.  A second P2 run from Martin Wollanka would secure the Xray driver 3rd on the grid ahead of the event’s winner for the last two season’s Martin Bayer with multiple EOS champion Joern Nuemann completing the front half of the 10 car A-Main grid.


Coelho said ‘finally I put in a run without mistakes’, him challenging for the TQ the first and third qualifiers only to throw it away with mistakes.  Top Qualifier of 2WD on his EOS debut at the season opener at the Nurburgring, the Portuguese ace added his Q4 performance ‘was perfect’ but added there is ‘no time to relax’.  Expecting a hard race with Martin he said ‘Wollanka is also super strong so I cant just drive safe in the final, I will have to push’.  Running new tyres in Q3 he said his XB4 was ‘aggressive’ but having run the tyres again in Q4 he said the car should be easier to drive in the final.


Asked about maintaining his 100% EOS Season #5 winning streak from second on the grid, Martin said ‘it is going to be hard being in the Xray Quarter Pounder’. Winner of the season opener from pole position he said ‘Bruno is World Champion and this is his playground’ so it going to be a tough to beat him.  Commenting on his Q3 performance he said after Coelho’s mistake he let up a little to keep it safe when in hindsight he should have kept pushing but added ‘You cant reflect on the past in racing’.  Happy he has the car to challenge Coelho for the win he said getting three car in the final at Xray’s home track was proof of the strength of the YZ4.  Joining Martin in the final are team-mates Marc Rheinard who starts 6th and Japanese teenager Kaito Kodera who lines up 8th.


‘Third (on the grid) is good but it’s not good enough’, that was Wollanka’s view of his qualifying performance.  P2 in Q3 & 4, the Austrian said Coelho and Martin are two of the best drivers in the World and while he wants to win he feels that is only going to be possible if something happens between them. Encouraged by the fact he was able to close the gap to Coelho over the last 3-minutes of the final qualifier he said for the final he would ‘see what happens’.


A driver who won this event last year from 3rd on the grid beating Top Qualifier Naoto Matsukura, Bayer said ‘the track as we’ve seen from the 2WD final is very challenging and everything can happen’.  The Czech ace tried different front caster blocks for the final qualifier but ‘didn’t like it’ and will revert back to the standard block for A1.  Joining Bayer in the final will be his younger brother Ales who will start 7th.


Repeating his qualifying result of the Season #4 finale the Hudy Arena, Neumann was happy with fifth on the grid.  The Serpent driver said after lowering his ride height for Q3 the car was ‘decent’.  Lowering it further for the final qualifier he would also fit new tyres but this caused the SRX4 to push but with the rear tyres now broken in he said they should be good for the final.  The 3-time EOS 4WD Champion said in ‘4WD there are many crashes and hopefully I can come out the right side of them’.


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2015/16 Championship Standings after Rd2

4wd Buggy Class
1. Martin Lee - 308pts
2. Coelho Bruno - 308pts
3. Wollanka Martin - 306pts
4. Ronnefalk David - 300pts
5. Bayer Ales - 297pts
6. Neumann Jörn - 297pts
7. Rheinard Marc - 296pts
8. Orlowski Michal - 292pts
9. Gosvig Mike - 285pts
10.Risser Nico - 284pts

2wd Buggy Class
1. Martin Lee - 311pts
2. Orlowski Michal - 306pts
3. Coelho Bruno - 302pts
4. Wollanka Martin - 301pts
5. Rheinard Marc - 301pts
6. Bayer Martin - 298pts
7. Neumann Jörn - 295pts
8. Haatanen Joona - 294pts
9. Nicolaisen Joakim - 289pts
10.Risser Nico - 279pts

Modified Truck Class
1. Neumann Jörn - 312pts
2. Zambrzycki Bartlomiej - 303pts
3. Kobbevik Daniel - 300pts
4. Ernst Scotty - 291pts
5. Eriksen Per - 289pts

Stock Truck Class (After 1 round)
1. Bujara Tom - 156pts
2. Kobbevik Magne - 153pts
3. Pfeiffer Christopher - 152pts
4. Ernst Scotty - 151pts
5. Beck Eberhard - 150pts

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